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I may be ranked as safety patrol...

1/15/14 by yetanotherjohn
Updated 1/15/14

...but it doesn't really say much for my ability to weed out unwanted content, or at least stolen submissions. I've made a fool of myself one too many times in the forums by pointing out submissions that were found to be genuine. As such, I'm probably not going to contribute to those particular threads anymore, unless I see a submission that is obviously, blatantly stolen.



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It is a difficult call, sometimes you hear or see something from someone and it's a whole load better than you thought it would be, based on predeterminations. Best to just play it safe and unless you can be absolutety certain that it's fake then make the claim

Cool story bro

1/18/14 yetanotherjohn responds:

Well, thank you for taking the time to read it.