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PD Music Experiment

2017-03-08 00:28:12 by yetanotherjohn

Tried cutting up audio from a public domain cartoon to get a few musical stings and such. (The cartoon in question is Yankee Doodle Daffy.) I've got them here for download, if you'd like to try using them in projects of your own.

am i the only one

2017-01-31 13:54:17 by yetanotherjohn

who likes circus peanuts



2016-10-19 22:20:30 by yetanotherjohn



Edit: Well, the layout is similar...

Newgrounds Webcams?

2016-09-21 22:20:47 by yetanotherjohn

Some remnant of an old feature I'm assuming?


Forum Directory & Info

2016-04-09 02:48:57 by yetanotherjohn

1. General, one of the original forums from 2001.

2. Game Development (formerly Flash) One of the original forums from 2001.

3. Where is/ How to/ Help! (i think the "Help!" was recently added) One of the original forums from 2001.

4. Politics, one of the original forums from 2001.

5. NG News, one of the original forums from 2001.

6.Network News (Became Stagnant after addition of newsposts. Deleted Dec 2014, Topics merged into general) One of the original forums from 2001, RIP.

7.Programming, one of the original forums from 2001.

8.P-bot's Postings, added in 2003, has been making forum posts once a day every day since.

9.Mod/Staff forum, access denied. Judging by placement, it may also be 10k forum.

10.Clubs and Crews, added in 2003.

11.Mod/Staff forum, access denied.

12. Mod/Staff forum, access denied.

13. Audio, added in 2005.

14. Art, added in 2006.

15. Video Games, added in 2008.

16. Mod/Staff forum, access denied.

17. Animation, added in 2010.

18. Writing, added in 2010.

19. Collaboration, added in 2010.

20. The Games Factory 2, added in 2010, closed in 2014. Posts are archived.

21. Mobile, added in 2011, closed in 2014. Posts are archived.

22. Mod/Staff forum, access denied.

23. Voice Acting, added in 2014.

24.Supporter Party, added in 2016. Only availible to those who pay at least $2.99/month or $25/year. Also availible to staff and mods.

Mod/Staff forums are for internal use only, so I don't know their titles or placement. One of them is apparently named, "Problem Users," ala this post.

And that about covers it, except for the forum that existed before this one.

2016-04-01 13:30:40 by yetanotherjohn

April fools.

"The Newgrounds Radio project has been discontinued."

"NG Featureless Chat has been taken down, and will probably never be coming back."


For my own entertainment, not yours.

...although it may entertain you as well.

I just have to MAKE SOMETHING